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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the emergency action on one campus keeping them out of the choose room. san francisco fire chief underfire and what the mayor is programming to do today as young hers demand the resignation of joanne hayes-white. >> more missile strikes as probe takes the world stage in an hour. >> if when morning. drizzle in spots. this is a precursor to what we get tomorrow. >> some of us have windshield wipers on and tomorrow everyone might. >> everyone tomorrow, and today, an an taser and practice run as we are dealing with scattered drizzle throughout the bay area as you drive to higher elevations. do not be surprised if it is wet for the morning commute. we will have temperatures an the bay overcast with drizzle and 64 and around 74 during the
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afternoon with increasing high clouds and almost wet by 7:00. sprinkles to the north by 7:00 and most of the afternoon we will have increase high and mid-level clouds and 75 to 80 and drizzle this morning at 64. drizzle at the coast. low 60's. clouds this afternoon and mid-to-upper 60's and rain in the north bay starting at 7:00 along the coast. leyla gulen? >> the drive through check correct is starting to dry out. as we leave pleasant hill, southbound 680 it is move along decent but we have more congestion pushing to the south to highway 24 but dry at this hour. in solano necessityth we had an early crash involving two vehicles. the crash is cleared but the backup is from before parkway at 34 miles per hour for a top speed and today it is day two of closure, westbound 80 interest san francisco off bay bridge
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fremont folsom street portion is closed. the protect will last until march. next year. everyone managed yesterday. from san jose, part of actually road is shut down after a previous was killed. matt keller arrived on the scene with the latest. matt? this is a major road, tully road near 101. you can see the traffic is diverted in both directions. you can see the traffic is moving north or southbound. a previous was hit and killed at 12:30. the vehicle was traveling eastbound on actually and it hit the pedestrian who died at scene. the driver stop asked cooperating with the investigation. drugs are alcohol do not appear a factor in the accident. officer are hoping to have lane
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back open by 6:30 but until then traffic is detoured an empty it is an easy detour on tully road. thank you, matt. students at peninsula school have the day off, a day after crews discovered a gas leak on campus. amy hollyfield is at san mateo high school with the story. amy hollyfield? >> students are sleeving in after officials discovered a gas lake at san mateo high school. they hear the leakier and they called pg&e. and crews figured out the source of the leak. it was school property that was broken not pg&e equipment so pg&e turn off the gas. it is up to the school to fix this. students will stay home. pg&e will not turn the gas
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become on until the equipment is fixed. this is a "work in progress," but students can relax today but classes are canceled. develop news in the south bay in the last. san jose police cleared the scene of a double homicide and two men were shot snowed a home in the seven trees neighbor before 9:00 last night. the victims were a father and son. a woman was rushed to the hospital with non-life threat being wounds and police are looking if one gunman. >> today we can learn more of the san francisco embat willed fire chief with the mayor expected to meet with union members who want the top firefighter out. nick? >> we spoke with chief hayes-white yesterday about the pressure from some for her to resign. she made it clear he has no
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intention of going anywhere. the heads of every firefighters young including those representing women and gays and minorities, unanimously agreed and i quote, "the country state of the fire department has become uncontinuable and immediate action is necessary." this is a draft of letter calling on ousting of the chief and says the chief's job is not in jeopardy. an investigation uncovered long waits for ambulances and a short average of equipment for department servicing more than 837,000 people but the letter also points to controversial promotion exam and a slew of lawsuits. the chief says the few who. >> theired the letter did not speak if the 1,500 in the department. >> not a popularity contest but about running a business and an organization and making sure that public safety is always the number one objective. i have had to make tough
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decisions. >> critics say she 50 close to the mayor and has gone language his administration's budget cuts. the mayor said the chief led the department through the worse recession in the generation. she was a firefighter before become the first female chief in 2004. now the legacy is threatened. >> in san francisco, the future of the transbay transit center downtown is in jeopardy an agreement between san francisco supervisors and developers over proposed tax district has collapsed. the center includes caltrain extension and half a dozen sky scrape ares including the largest on the west coast but when the developers heard that the tax obligation would go up by millions they threatened to sue the city. the center was to open late 2017. new details of emaciate horses we told you of in morgan
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hill. a deal has been hammered out. the horses can be seen in a pasture off highway 101 on maple avenue after a public outc.i.a., the owner has agreed to sell them. the rescue have announced on facebook they have made a deal to buy the horses. the president will buy as company as she can afford and says this are 33 horses and ten are stashing and she needs $20,000 and volunteers to transport the horses. the group has a crowd fund site online but only raised $2,100. we have posted a link at we head outside, you will see there is a lot of drizzle and sfo could be slow the. >> two hours and 31 minute flight arrival delays. we had heavy drizzle move over sfo an hour ago. right now it is just the cloud cover keeping things stagnant.
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it has been 150 to 151 days since we have had .1" and napa and fran and oakland and hayward and livermore and san jose, and last week santa rosa got .1", five day ago. that is what we will get, if not more, with the system tonight. the flames will be fired in the sierra through 8:00 this evening and thick smoke with visibility at a mile through 11 o'clock had evening and rain will move in possibly up to half an em. after today it is looking better for the firefighters. >> it is looking dry at the bay bridge with the traffic busy. the metering lights are turned on and we have had time to build up traffic. but it is making it easier beyond the metering lights into san francisco because of the big closure.
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certainly sit going to be slow for you as we look at the san mateo bridge, nation and clear conditions, traffic is building, but it is move along without a pitch. we have one stall in oakland causing a gulfup in the commute northbound at the film it at 66th avenue with delays pulling away from 238. >> a popular page turning now banned in california classrooms with the district covering the cover of salt. >> a new fall intermediate from the massive data breach impacting customers across the country. >> is the head the f.d.a. contributing to the abuse of prescription pain killers. some are
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. this is a look right now of tully road in san jose. this is the scene of an early fail pedestrian accident. eastbound side of tully road. it is closed. san jose police are conducting their investigation.
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they expect it to re-open at 6:30. matt is on the scene with the latest details. new this morning from missouri unrest in the town of ferguson, a break-in led to a stand off between police and protesters reminiscent of the demonstrations of last in. this happened at a beauty supply store ransacked by looters in august after police got there the crud grew to 200 people and demonstrators chanted at police who stood in formation but it ended peacefully. >> home defocus informs have fraud ultimate charge on their accounts. criminals are now using stolen car information from home depot customers to by everything from prepaid cars to electronics and groceries. the champions are taking place across the country and home depot admitted the systems were breached and 56 million customers were affected.
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customers who shopped as far back as april could be affected. the head of the florida is facing calls to resign. antiaddiction activists say she is contributing to the abuse of prescription painkillers stemming from the approval of a painkiller last year that is more powerful version with a new letter more than a dozennants addiction groups are asking the head of the f.d.a. to be replaced. they say they are frustrated the agency is approving drugs that will fuel high rates of addiction and overdose. president obama is catching criticism if a salute to military personal arriving in new york. this individual was released by the white house stepping off marine one yesterday with a cup in hand and he saluted two marines using the same hand. some have called it the latte salute and some call it
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unpresidential. others say it was a slip by this president and military experts say the protocol for service members in uniform to salute the president he is not required to salute back. book of to cancer patients who fall if love is partly banned in a southern california school district. the school district has banned the "fault in our stars," because of the sexual content. the book will still be allowed in high schools. officials took action after a parent complainted. there is crude language and sex and it has spawned a hit movie which hit theaters this year. we have not had movie weather in quit some time but we could get that tomorrow. >> possibly during the commute. that is when we will get the but, of the weather, 24 hours, the drizzle will be nothing compared to the storm system
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coming in. light-to-moderate rain showing up in the northwest corner of our state to eureka and crescent city. we have clouds. patchy drizzle. not is thick as early this morning. it is still there. the air is children to the east bay hills. we are off to a moist start. it will be dry. rain comes in tonight and when that passes we will have a dry and seasonal first weekend in small. we will start warmest in cloverdale and napa and fairly and east bay and fremont and san jose, low-to-mid 88. mid-to-upper 70's for most of the bay sure to the north bay and upper 60's to low 70 along the coast into san francisco. at the game today, we have high clouds and sun and temperatures low-to-mid 70's. need to boat los angeles and the u.v. index is high so be
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careful. 50 around cloverdale and santa rosa and over the blanket of clouds with the rain is falling is mild and low-to-mid 60's. this system is with respecting up to our north and the low is the center of the energy heading to the north so the best rainfall is in washington, dc and oregon and sin it is a sharp freeway and it has a lot of lift it will maximize all the moisture in the air and the last court of runs of the computer model are show yellow reaping to santa rosa by midnight and the leading edge of the steady lit rain headed through the heart of the pay. overnight to thursday morning you can see the east bay and the south bay by 7:00 tomorrow getting the best chan of light-to-moderate rain and by none it is again and behind it, partly sunny. check out the rain totals, they are going up. possibly up to .1" in the santa
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clara valley and quarter inch in the higher elevation and .25" in the lower will vacation and quarter to half an inch in the north bay mountains. not jumping open board yet although i am tripping to more rain than we talked about year the tomorrow, ten degrees cooler than today. a stray sure is -- shower is possible friday and then dry and warmer and temperatures are seasonal upper 60's at the coast and 80 at bay and low-to-mid 80's inland saturday through tuesday. leyla gulen? >> look at the traffic looking berkeley. trying to enter the maze. it is heavy. bumper-to-bumper traffic. slowing down a lot. give yourself extra time. traffic is building at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have quarter of an acre that burned with a brushfire and cal fire is on the scene.
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that could cause slowing on the roadways causing slowing with congestion. 580 westbound from tracy to dublin is veteran minutes, an hour, and highway 4 westbound antioch to concord is 54 minutes and from san rafael to san francisco it is 17 minutes. you heard about the bendable iphone problem but have you seen anyone did it on purpose? the new video that is a viral hit online. >> hot pursuit in a u-haul through southern california streets last ♪ [music] jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning.
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6:22 with a look at the embarcadero and the bay. we have had drizzle. a taste of what is to come tomorrow. >> the driver of a stolen u-haul truck was arrested after a chase from anaheim to disney. the officers tried to pull over the u-haul with air air plates and the driver took to the freeways exiting and driving recklessly and the officers forced the truck into a spin. there is in word on with was in
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the truck. you have heard that the 6 plus iphone owners are bent out of shape because the frame bends, if some cases permanently. you can see it stays bent at least one iphone 6 plus owner on the forum online noticed this after having the phone in 9 front pants for the day. to be fair, other phones can be bentley be as well. so far, in comment from apple but others are saying, $uh, it is thin. better not put it in your pocket but if you do, put the back side against your back side. >> expert advise. >> 6 you have it. >> speaking of the end of the road, another celeb on "dancing with the stars" last night.
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>> tavis. >> smiley is not moving on to week three. he became the second celebrity to be presidented from the competition and he was not surprised. he did not have the time needed to rehearse. he admitted his tour took up a last hours. >> the produceers made a mistake of putting me on september and i asked to on, in march, because i knew what i was up against, not fair to me or the fans or my partner. >> smiley said it has been wonderful and he has no regrets and in time if the remaining teams to slow down the monday is movie night so get your popcorn ready. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> the bay square could face another transit strike by the end of the week and what we are learning of the possible work stoppage involving transit workers. >> a city takes a stand against
6:25 am
domestic violence but this morning, some say it is not enough. if san jose, a person was hit and killed crossing a street on a major roadway this morning and we will tell you what the person who was driving did after the accident and when they hope to have the road re-opened. >> the drizzle is not so heavy or as widespread as earlier this morning and here is where the next weather system is in northern california coming our way and it looks like it is trending wet are. the newest weather and time table is ahead. >> i am leyla gulen if the traffic center and the maze from the east bay over to the bay bridge toll plaza it is slow. here is a look at the golden gate bridge and that drive, by comparison, is nicer. we had early hiccups but most of problem new is congestion and
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more on that when we
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your lives are in our hands. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, at
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6:28. starting off with a look at traffic on interstate 680 in the east bay. the road is wet. things are slow. is that drizzle? >> your windshield wipers told the story. >> as did meteorologist mike nicco's. >> i used them a lot through oakland and to san francisco. >> the drizzle is not hitting reporting stations but the drizzle is in the men valley according to that. remember, we have flight arrival delays at sfo up to 2 1/2 hours! that is the average. lack how quiet the bay is, a nice fearry ride. high frizz factor. drizzle and mild temperatures. most of us are seeing sun by noon with 60's and mid-70 by 4:00, and high clouds by 4:00
6:30 am
but dry through the afternoon. at 8:00, the rain will reach the ground. >> as we take another look at the drive, 680 southbound, from blast were hill to walnut creek this is a slow drive at 12 minutes from highway 4 to the 24 junction. no crashes. just a lost congestion. we have a crash westbound on 80 and we seeing delays so one lane is blocked and the lay is from heck lease away from highway 4. the drive time is 80 from albany to the main and to the south, seven minutes, and the drive is loading up, 880 from fremont to san jose is 16 minutes and in san jose 280 northbound from 101 to cupertino is 11 minutes. more on the closure of tully road as police investigate the accident involving pedestrians
6:31 am
and matt is there. they closer to re-opening the intersection? >> this is the hope. the intersection will be opened up. the investigation and the fatal pedestrian accident is over for now and officers are waiting for the scene to be cleaned before they open up eastbound lanes. that is expected to take place soon. police say the peoples with walking across actually road at 12 3:00 and -- 12:30 l is in crosswalk. the pedestrian decided at the seen. drugs or challenge are not a factor. it is easy to get around this closing at alvin, you just take one mock off and it is only a block that is closed down on tully road. it is an easy detour. also in the south bay, san jose police are investigating a
6:32 am
double homicide that happened before 9:00 last night at a home in the seven trees neighbor. officers arrived to find two victims dead, a man and son and a woman was rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening wounds and police are looking for a gunman. >> new developments in the attack on isis, we have learned there was a new round of airstrikes, six near the border of syria and iraq and this morning secretary of state john kerry said they will continue for some time. this morning president obama will address the u.n. general assembly. the united states is leading a coalition including five arab nations in a campaign against isis. the united states took action against the khorasan group, a terrorist organization tied to being with al qaeda. >> the bay area could have a transit strike soon with workers streeting by the end of the
6:33 am
week, and a labor coalition leader says that talk on the new contract have been fruitless and it is very likely there will be a strike in the next few days. the coalition representing 13 yawns from ferry can't and deck hands to mcs and bridge workers. no word on who walks off the job or the capacity on computers. the issue is the health care premiums for employees. today could be a big day for san francisco fire chief. the mayor is expected to sit down with young leaders would want him to treasure her to resign. >> san francisco fire chief hayes-white will not step down after the majority of the to the will ask for the resignation in a letter presented to the mayor today. we obtained a drew tuma of the letter from grouped that called interest yes her leadership and lack of direction. it says "the current state of the fire department has become
6:34 am
untenable," and the mayor says her job is not in jeopardy. the santa clara city council voted on a resolution open boeing domestic violence but it stopped short of taking a real stand on the new hometown team the 49ers and ray mcdonald. last night the mayor said the city is panning with next door solutions that provides support to victims. some are disappointed they did not name the team including the mayoral candidate who is a victim of domestic violence. she and other advocates hoped the city would call out the 49ers for not benching ray mcdonald arrested for suspected domestic violence. >> it is water down and does not include the name of the people who did the dirty. >> it is easy to say their fault, it is the team, the league, they have a lot of cleaning up we will watch. bring it home. >> ray mcdonald has not been
6:35 am
charged. police are have thing the incident. >> today is a month since the 6.0 magnitude earthquake shook the bay area hitting napa and vallejo and the surrounding areas. the communities are rebuilding. there are two free workshops to warn residents on using unlicensed contractors. there are two haven'ts to, those with emotional fall intermediate and for small businesses need assistance. we have information on our website. two men are under arrest in connection with a string of auto dealership burglaries in san mateo. an 18-year-old and 19-year-old were taken into custody in oakland. the two males stole vehicles from brand motors in san mateo. a week later, police say they stole 40 sets of car seats from the dollar ship and took two cars. >> police say they are not suspected in the net of eight
6:36 am
vehicles from a dealership last wednesday. there were two more heists that hit dealerships in san jose. you can see the theives stealing suvs on friday early making off with five cars. in another job on wednesday, thieves stole eight vehicles from mercedes wednesday. school shut down. >> dog owners are on alert as suspicious meatballs show up again in a bay area
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we are back at 6:39. we have had patchy drizzle. we will get about .1" of rain, and 150 days ago for napa and oakland and livermore and san jose, that is the last time they got that much rain. high fire danger until 8:00 tonight. in the sierra we have a lake wind advisory fanning the blame through 8:00 people tomorrow pushing the smoke into lake tahoe through 11 o'clock this evening. here is the rain: north of us throughout the daylight. chico and eureka and the rest of us are dry and home 88 with sunshine around san diego and los angeles.
6:40 am
matt is on the scene in san jose at seen of an early fatal pedestrian crash saying eastbound tully road has been re-opened. the san jose police have concluded the investigation. the accident happened this morning at 12:30. we have a brand new crash involving a milk that is blocking one lane northbound on 85 up to 87. there are delays and possible injuries involved. the richmond-san rafael is heavy traffic with seven minutes to cross the water over to the north bay. >> retailers are counting on you to buy yourself a christmas president. >> a bench brawl between the giants and
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 6:43. students a peninsula high school have an unexpected day off today. this is after a discovery on campus. amy hollyfield is at san mateo
6:44 am
high school with the story. amy? yes, there was a gas leak at san mateo high school. today, work crews have to figure out why it happened. they have to fix their equipment. there will be no school today. school fours her the leakier. they called pg&e and employees turned off the gas and determined the problem was with school equipment. it is up to the school to fix the problem. not pg&e. while the problem is solved, gas will stay off. students stay home. pg&e will turn the gas back on. there is in word on when that will be. thank you. meet balls found at a dog park in santa rosa are testified if poison. eight were fund on saturday at a park on west 3rd street called "a place to play," laid out around a dog run and taking be
6:45 am
to a laboratory at uc davis to be tested for poison. police are waiting for results of the test. trading is underway on wall street. we look at the big board. the dow is in if positive territory. there was a four-point lost at 17459. one for you. one for me. retailers are counting on you to keep that in mind with holiday spending could jump by 4 percent. the reason? shoppers will buy themselves gifts when shopping if others. shoppers are likely feeling more confident since income and wage and job growth trend positive. >> this is exactly the news you did not want: jayant -- giant center fielder is under the knife tomorrow, angel pagon.
6:46 am
>> tempers flared in the first inning after a pitch hit a player in the foot and then the dodgers got a 3-0 lead and bumgarner hit a shot but the dodgers beat the jayans 4-2. los angeles can clinch it tonight in front of the giants with another win. they fell a gale behind the pirates for the top spot. >> oakland waste add solid outing by gray who had a career high strikeouts but in the 6th he gave up a shot and the angels took the lead and a's offense did not catch the bus and businesses were loaded in the eighth and a's lost, 2-30 now tied with kansas city if top wild card. seattle lost and trails the aped
6:47 am
and kansas city with the last spot with the a's playing the final game against the angels with first pitch at 12:30. we hope the offense does not miss the bus. >> lucky for the amendments and manyers, the a's are tanking. hopefully they will make it. where we will play though, kansas city or oakland? >> how is the beginning going to be? >> pretty nice. that my first graphic. way to go. 71 at 12:30 and 74 at 3:00, with increase high clouds and the u.v. index is high. injury game three. here is a look at our next weather system to the north height rain and moderate offshore and yellow there and for us it is quiet and half moon bay is seven miles per hour visibility and everyone also is unlimited in our reporting surveys and i warned to show you walnut creek looking southbound
6:48 am
into the santa clear valley you can see drizzle there on 680 and 24 so that is a wet are spot. we had heavy drizzle across sfo two hours and 31 minutes that is what the flight arrival delays are averaging. most morning, dry afternoon, rain tonight so the commute will be wetter tomorrow and drill be dry and seasonal the first fall weekend. new, we are coolest at mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and low 70's in san francisco and mid-to-upper 70's around the bay and headed into the north bay at napa at 81 and 80 in fremont and san jose and 85 in morgan hill and low-to-mid 80's in the east bay neighbor. mild with temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's with all the rain falling we are in the mid-to-upper 50's around cloverdale. impressive looking low headed to the north. the jet stream is pumping the miles an hour to our north.
6:49 am
the cold air is behind it. a very good fall front. at 5:00, radar will be active and spencer and sandy will show you that but not reaching the ground. we will is light-to-moderate rain and this is a change from yesterday starting to see an uptick in the amount of moisture that will be cranked out. in the east bay valley and the south bay and by noon we are gone. it will be conservative with my rainfall amounts and .25" to .5" in the north bay and quarter inch in the lower will vacation and .1" in the valley. i would like to see some consistency before i jump on anything that would be more heavy. i will keep you up-to-date on twitter and face spark. the seven-day forecast is ten degrees cooler tomorrow and friday with a stray shower possible and the cold pocket of air that is dry and bright and
6:50 am
unseasonably warmer mop, -- monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> bart has 60 trains on time and a new accident at the maze. approaching the interchange, westbound 80 you will find an accident that is blocking mostly the far lane closest to the car pool is right in between and even the car pool is backing up. we have delayed as we make the commute from berkeley to the macarthur maze and beyond it, traffic has dissipated and it was heavier early this morning. we have a couple of problems including san jose involving a motor and a lane is blocked northbound highway 85 before we get to highway 7 and the motorcyclist is up and walking so maybe just minor injuries. we have word that the fremont police are shutting down the on-ramp to the northbound nimitz because of a car that lit a --
6:51 am
that hit a bicycle it. we will health you know about injuries. at the end of the week, westbound highway 37 between 121 and 129 the full freeway closure starting friday at 10:00 p.m. big laughs tonight is comedy night on abc with the premiere of "modern family," "the middle," and a new show called "blackish." a family is navigating what it means to be black in america today with the goal to take a true look at the world. >> to show is tracy living this lifestyle of a mixed life. this is her life, a mixed woman. having an african-american mother and a jewish fair, the stories we are telling on our show came from the stories of our lives.
6:52 am
>> anderson stars as a dad afraid the family is losing connections to the root. here is the lineup: 8:00 "the middle," and "goldbergs," "modern family," and "blackish," with premiere of "nashville," and then abc7 news at electric. >> seven things to necessity -- >> seven things to necessity -- know before younds] the wait is over for even faster internet. xfinity is now doubling the internet speed... ...on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet...period. xfinity internet from comcast, now double the speed.
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>> over sfo, there are 2 1/2 hours delays because of the cloud cover. you will want to call ahead if you are traveling or picking someone up. >> whether you are just joining us or out the door, san jose police are investigating a fatal pedestrian accident on tully road. officers say the person was crossing at 12:30 and was not in a crosswalk when the person was hit. they dayed at seen. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. >> san jose police are also investigating a double homicide that left a man and his son fed. it happened at a home in the seven trees neighbor. a woman was rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening wounds. >> san francisco mayor is expected to sit down with fire department young leaders calling for the resignation of the chief hayes-white with head lean focusing on long waits for
6:55 am
ambulances and shortage of equipment 9 the mayor says her job is not in jeopardy. >> president obama will address the u.n. general assembly in new york to drum you support for strikes on isis. this was a new round near the border of syria and iraq lat night. today is a month since the 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit napa. the community continues to rebuild some businesses are still dealing with damage. officials say economic losses from the earthquake are in hundreds of millions. >> we are 13 hours from rain reaching the ground in the bay area from 8:00 tonight through 10:00 tomorrow the rain will move north to south and then the drizzle will dry and it should be again by 10:00 and we will have clouds clear out and bewill have high clouds rollback, in the afternoon, and check out the temperatures, along the coast, 66 to 72 in san francisco and the rest of us are 73 to 80. >> the rain may not be here yet
6:56 am
and we are looking at dampening the spirits as you approach the maze with flashing lights between the car pool lane that takes you to the tolls and the or lanes on the far right were the crash is causing the major delays away from albany and further to the north at 23 miles per hour is the top speed and look at this, san mateo bridge also sluggish as you try to push out to the peninsula. >> damping spirits, that is a polite way to put that. >> we continue online and facebook and all mobile devices. >> just wait until tomorrow for the commute we can have moderate rain with models friending wet with this system. >> bring it on. >> we will be back in 25 minutes with news and
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a new alert from the fbi. warning of attacks in the u.s., retaliation for the air strikes against the terror groups in syria. the plot against passenger jets. and the isis supporter shot dead this morning in the streets of a major city after an attack on police officers. and developing now, a major break in the case of missing uva student hannah graham. police now charging this hospital worker with her abduction. the last person to see her before she vanished. the urgent manhunt now to track him down. trapped and running out of time. the mother trapped under a 2500-pound boulder. pinned face down for nine hours. but when rescuers arrived, why they got stuck too. how they finally made it out alive. oh


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